Manage forklift battery repair costs, minimize operational downtime, keep workers safe and give yourself peace of mind. 


Battery problems are often the culprit when forklifts fail or don’t run properly. It’s important to stay on top of forklift battery repairs because once you get behind the eight ball, it’s hard to get in front of it. While you can fix small problems relatively cheap, big problems (like cell replacement) typically cost a lot more and may even force you to replace instead of repair batteries.

That’s why at Superior Battery Service we recommend a forklift preventive maintenance program that optimizes the life and performance of your forklift batteries. Our experienced technicians specialize in the maintenance and repair of Eternity Technologies motive batteries and chargers. When you partner with SBS for preventive maintenance, we put an extra set of eyes on your equipment. During convenient, regularly scheduled visits, we can address forklift battery issues early on, keep repair costs in check—and most important—help ensure the safety of your warehouse staff.



Have questions about our Superior Service battery maintenance plans? Give us a call, we’re happy to help. 



At SBS, we know that preventive maintenance is something you do ahead of time to protect an investment. One of the biggest benefits of preventive maintenance is you pay incrementally, up front and over time for regular service and monitoring, which helps you avoid paying exponentially on the back end, when minor issues turn into big, expensive problems.


SBS is the go-to partner for all your preventive maintenance needs. When you partner with us, our experienced technicians bring issues to you early on, making it easier to manage repairs and budget for battery replacements. We also meet with you after each preventive maintenance visit to make what could be an ominous detailed report a simple conversation.


At SBS, we are committed to helping you maximize your forklift productivity and minimize downtime. That’s why we offer scheduled preventive maintenance as part of our comprehensive service package. Our certified technicians will perform an inspection of all critical battery and charging components of your forklift to ensure that it is performing at maximum efficiency.


Your forklift battery is your forklift's heart and soul. It's what keeps your forklift running at peak performance and keeps you in the business of shipping, lifting, and moving. With a proper preventive maintenance program, you can protect your forklift battery investment and avoid unnecessary service fees—and most forklift battery manufacturers require companies to keep detailed forklift battery maintenance records if they want warranty coverage. That's why we recommend that you invest in a preventive maintenance program for your fleet of forklifts. It will help you keep your equipment safe and running smoothly so that you can focus on getting the job done right!


At SBS, we believe that safety is a priority. That's why we ensure our technicians are trained in the most up-to-date safety regulations and standards, including those put in place by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of the United States and Texas. Our technicians are trained to look for OSHA violations and other safety issues, and they will recommend corrective action and forklift safety tips when needed. Every employer wants their employees to make it home safely from work; let us help you accomplish that goal.


You can trust SBS to make sure your forklift batteries are properly watered.

We know that batteries are a key component of your forklift operation, and we want to ensure they stay in top shape. That’s why we offer a forklift battery watering service that provides routine watering on days and hours when it makes most sense for your warehouse operation. Our technicians also perform a physical inspection during the service, noting when any components are broken or unsafe.

If you don’t currently have a watering system established, we can analyze your operation and help put one in place. We can also provide watering service on an as-needed basis—say an employee is out unexpectedly or taking vacation—just ask! Let us take the responsibility and worries about battery watering off your mind.

Schedule a neutralization service with us to ensure your forklift battery health is intact.


 Forklift batteries are essential to the operation of a warehouse and any deviation from the recommended battery watering schedule can result in overflow or lack of fluid, either of which can damage forklift batteries and lead to unnecessary repair or replacement costs. Unfortunately, it’s rare that warehouse operators do a good job handling their own forklift battery watering.

 Maintaining your forklift fleet’s batteries is a critical part of keeping your forklifts operational. If you use lead-based batteries for your forklift fleet, those forklift batteries typically must be watered and maintained weekly or bi-weekly after an equalized charge. A forklift operator shouldn’t water when it’s convenient for him or her—battery watering requires a disciplined approach, with battery levels checked frequently and water added as needed.

Watering batteries is an essential part of the battery maintenance process. When the proper procedures are followed, it’s a safe and effective way to ensure that your batteries are operating at peak performance. When done incorrectly, however, improper watering can cause serious damage to your facility, as well as injury to employees and customers.

When acid gets trapped in the battery plates, you can’t maintain appropriate fluid levels. Eventually the fluid overflows, and acid spills on the batteries and floor. When employees water batteries improperly, they can get acid on themselves, which could cause dangerous acid burns.

Yes, with over 17 years of industry experience; Superior Battery Service is ready and willing to provide your company with the proper equipment and the proper training to do your own battery watering in house.