Manage forklift battery repair costs, minimize operational downtime, keep workers safe and give yourself peace of mind. 


Superior Battery Services offers a variety of high quality battery accessories that can be tailored to your needs.

Our products are made from the highest quality materials, and we pride ourselves on being able to meet the most demanding standards. Our batteries are designed to last for years without needing replacement.

We offer a wide range of accessories for your vehicle’s battery, including:

-Battery terminals

-Charging Stands

-Battery chargers



Have questions about our Superior Service battery maintenance plans? Give us a call, we’re happy to help. 


BHS Charger Stands provide a dedicated location to safely and conveniently store forklift battery chargers while providing sufficient access for maintenance personnel. BHS charger stands are built to withstand harsh environments and keep forklift battery chargers elevated and out of forklift travel paths.

Pre-cut anchoring slots make it easy to secure chargers in all four corners. Smooth, rounded corners on the shelf help extend product longevity. All aspects of BHS charger stands were designed to improve battery room efficiency and productivity.

To suit all types of chargers and requirements, BHS offers a variety of other charger mounting stands and brackets, as well as cable management accessories designed for use with charger stands to properly route charger cables. All stands have mounting holes on both sides for BHS Cable Retractors.

BHS charger stands are constructed from heavy-duty steel for extra durability. All models can hold up to 800 pounds and model CS-72 can hold up to 1,200 pounds, and optional 6-inch shelf extensions are available for maximizing the space between stands. These stands are designed to integrate seamlessly into a battery room and facilitate an uncluttered and efficient space.

ACTfirst is a battery room management system that utilizes the Quantum charger, BATTview battery monitor, ACTintelligent asset management program and a proprietary Best-One-First-Out (BOFO) algorithm to select the best battery to use for a given type of forklift or truck battery change.


ACTfirst Advantages:

  • Wireless and remote monitoring and configuration
  • Proprietary Best-One-First-Out (BOFO) algorithm that assigns scores to batteries using critical battery performance criteria
  • Ensures equal utilization of all battery assets
  • Identifies intentional mis-picks
  • Separates batteries with issues (parked)
  • Generates detailed battery utilization reports

BATTview is the first smart appliance in the material handling industry that allows for real-time, two-way communication between your Quantum charger and ACTview. Remotely access operational logs and battery performance data and easily manage the performance of your forklift batteries.

procedures are followed, it’s a safe and effective way to ensure that your batteries are operating at peak performance. When done incorrectly, however, improper watering can cause serious damage to your facility, as well as injury to employees and customers.

When acid gets trapped in the battery plates, you can’t maintain appropriate fluid levels. Eventually the fluid overflows, and acid spills on the batteries and floor. When employees water batteries improperly, they can get acid on themselves, which could cause dangerous acid burns.

ACTview is the industry’s first cloud application for remote management of forklift battery and charging equipment, bridging the gap in the material handling industry as the first two-way communication platform for battery and charger assets to fully operate as smart industrial appliances.